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October 18 - November 1, 2013
JOIN US - For fifteen days of friendly fun and competition including, annual favorites like:
Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Putting, Horseshoes, Batting Challenge, Pickleball, Waterwalk, ...and many more!


All over the world there are "BLUE ZONES" where people live long, healthy, active, socially-connected fun lives. BJAAC can be YOUR BLUE ZONE... and your path to a livelier, more enjoyable life of play, fun, fitness & friendship. But you need "to get in the game & play" to WIN. And believe us, EVERYONE WHO PLAYS, WINS. There are NO LOSERS. As long as you participate you'll benefit and be a WINNER. And the biggest winners are always the FIRST TIMERS, the NOVICES, the folks new to the game. So pick a sport, any sport, and give it a shot. Really, you've got absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE, and EVERYTHING TO GAIN! This is the encouraging message Robert Sweetgall will bring to Sun City when he opens BJAAC on October 18th in our opening ceremonies. Be there! Because this is one senior games opening you don't want to miss. And by the way, all senior gamers, who attend opening ceremonies, will receive a FREE copy of Robert's new book, One Heart, Two Feet ... a true life saver! That's another thing you really don't want to miss!

The FREE One Heart, Two Feet book. Here's the one book that can lead you to a healthier, livelier, more enjoyable life. Just don't survive - thrive -- with the best walking programs in a fun read with smart weight loss strategies and a sensible, SIMPLE nutritional plan that you can actually live with for life. Strategies for improved energy & sleep with lower stress, worry & fatigue presented by America's leading walking advocate, Robert Sweetgall and America's top cardiac rehab specialist, Dr. Barry Franklin. Note, this $13 life-saver book is a FREE health gift to all BJAAC participants coming to Robert Sweetgall's opening address. Robert will also autograph copies on Friday, October 18th.

"If you choose to read only one health-related book, this is the one." -Neil Gordon, MD, PhD, MPH Chairmen & CEO, INTERVENT International , Savannah, GA

This is the official web site of the Beaufort Jasper Active Adult Challenge. Please check back often as information will be added and updated throughout the year leading up to the games in the fall. Updates will include information about events, venues, registration, etc.

The main vision of the games is to inspire seniors to stay active, promote health, well-being and to provide a true sense of fellowship within the counties. The games are not all about winning. The value of the games goes far beyond the glory of receiving medals. One remembers the fun and camaraderie of the moment and the friendships that evolve. The vision of BJAAC (Beaufort Jasper Active Adult Challenge) is to have all Beaufort and Jasper County seniors create and maintain a healthy, physical, and emotional lifestyle.

Triathlon is a cycle, run or walk, and swim event held at Sun City. You can sign up for an individual triathlon or team triathlon. It is open to all Beaufort and Jasper County residents and their guests! The event is electronically timed for both starting and ending times. Event rules can be found under event rules - Triathlon.

In alphabetic order
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Fri, Oct 18


Pickleball - Men's Doubles*** (Argent Lakes at Sun City)

Pickleball - Women's Doubles*** (Argent Lakes at Sun City and The Haven at New Riverside)


Opening Ceremony (Pinckney Hall Ballroom at Sun City)
Parade of Athletes, Torch Lighting & Bag Pick Up
Keynote Speaker Robert Sweetgall (12:30pm)

Sat, Oct 19


10 mile Cycle Geared (Town Square, Sun City)

Pickleball - Mixed Doubles*** (Argent Lakes at Sun City)


3 mile Run (Town Square, Sun City)


1 Mile or 3 Mile Walk (Town Square, Sun City)


1/4 mile Swim (9 laps - Purrysburg Indoor, Sun City)

Triathlon Individual - Participate in Triathlon specified events

Triathlon Team (Team Member 3 Mile Walk or Run, 10 Mile Cycle Geared, 1/4 Mile Swim) - Participate in Triathlon specified events

Sun, Oct 20


Duplicate Bridge* (Beaufort Jasper Room, Yemassee Craft Center, Sun City)

Mon, Oct 21


Softball Batting Challenge - Men (New River Sports Park, Sun City)

Tue, Oct 22


Bocce (Bocce Courts, Town Square, Sun City)


Chipping Contest (Hidden Cypress Chipping Green, Sun City)


8-Ball Singles - Billiards - Men & Women Combined (Billiard Room, Yemassee Craft Center, Sun City)

Wed, Oct 23


Tennis Doubles Men's* (Rose Hill)


Tennis Doubles Women's* (Rose Hill)


Water Walk (Purrysburg Indoor Pool, Sun City)


Bowling Scratch (Station 300, Bluffton) Additional Fee

Thu, Oct 24


Croquet, Golf (Croquet Field, Town Square, Sun City)


Kayak Race (Sgt. Jasper Park, Hardeeville)


8-Ball Doubles - Billiards - Men & Women Combined (Billiard Room, Yemassee Craft Center, Sun City)

Fri, Oct 25


Bocce (Bocce Courts, Town Square, Sun City)


Horseshoes (New River Sports Park, Sun City)

Sat, Oct 26


Poker Fitness Walk (Hardeeville High School Track)


Track & Field Events USATF Sanctioned (Hardeeville High School Track) - Softball Throw (not USATF sanctioned), Shot Put, Discus


Track Events (Limit 5 Run/Dash Events). (Hardeeville High School Track) - 1600 Meter Race Walk (not USATF sanctioned), 5K Run, 1600 Meter Run, 50 Meter Dash, 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Run, 800 Meter Run

Mon, Oct 28


Dominoes* (Beaufort-Jasper Room, Yemmassee Craft Center, Sun City)


Tennis Doubles - Mixed* (Tennis Courts, Town Square, Sun City)


Disc Golf - Frisbee (Sgt. Jasper Park, Hardeeville)


Softball Batting Challenge - Women (New River Sports Park, Sun City)

Tue, Oct 29


Croquet - 14 Point*** (Croquet Field, Town Square, Sun City)


Swimming - Limit of 6 Events (Bluffton Indoor Pool) - 25 Yard Fly, 25 Yard Backstroke, 25 Yard Breaststroke, 25 Yard Freestyle, 50 Yard Fly, 200 Yard Freestyle, 100 Yard Backstroke, 50 Yard Breaststroke, 100 Yard Freestyle, 50 Yard Backstroke, 100 Yard Breaststroke, 50 Yard Freestyle, 100 Yard Individual Medley


Putting (Putting Green, Town Square, Sun City)

Wed, Oct 30


Contract Bridge* (Yemassee Craft Center, Beaufort-Jasper Room, Sun City)


Volleyball Co-Ed* (Buckwalter Recreation Center, Bluffton)

Thu, Oct 31


Basketball Free Throw (Buckwalter Recreation Center, Bluffton)


Table Tennis Doubles - Men's*** (Table Tennis Room, Yemassee Craft Center, Sun City)


Table Tennis Doubles - Women's*** (Table Tennis Room, Yemassee Craft Center, Sun City)


Table Tennis Doubles - Mixed*** (Table Tennis Room, Yemassee Craft Center, Sun City)

Fri, Nov 1


Closing Celebration (rain or shine) (extra fee)
Dancing, Cocktails and Appetizers (Pavilion and Lawn at Sun City)
Triathlon Awards

=Triahlon     *=No Age Division for these Events     ***=10-Year Age Groups     =Handicapped

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